Bronze drawn pasta


Traditional italian pasta


Regional specialties

Typic calabrian durum wheat semolina pasta

The Fileia is a typical product of the Calabrian Mediterranean tradition that is made by a simply mix. This product is obtained by winding thin sheet of pastry, made with hard wheat bran, flour and water, around a thin iron thread.

Bronze drawn wheat durum semolina

Pastificio Fiorillo offers top quality pasta, which is made with a selection of fine semolina. In collaboration with the best Italian mills, we manage to find the best types of semolina that the wheat harvest offers every year. They are accurately selected, stocked and used exclusively for this line.

Italian durum wheat semolina specialties

Every single region of Italy got in its traditions the way to prepare the pasta characterized by formats and different cuts, all good pasta is made with durum wheat semolina.

Fresh durum wheat semolina italian pasta

The Pastificio Fiorillo produces good fresh pasta according to the rules of the Calabrian tradition, selecting her best qualities of durum wheat semolina.

La ricetta del mese

24 May 2013
Conchiglioni al forno

Per 4 persone
500 g Conchiglioni
1 kg Spinaci, anche surgelati
750 g Ricotta fresca
100 g Parmigiano...